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Profile the Consumer

  • Demographics and psychographics
  • Geo-location tracking
  • Media consumption
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Capture Receipt Pictures

  • Access to in-store and e-receipts
  • No scanning barcodes or inputting prices
  • More accurate & complete than self-reporting
  • Simple, fun, habit-forming experience
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Extract the Data

  • Retail store and location
  • Total spend and basket size
  • Items purchased with prices
  • Date, time, and other details
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Survey the Consumer

  • Identify the "Why" behind the "Buy"
  • Understand the Moments of Truth
  • Trigger in-the-moment to avoid recall bias
  • Behaviorally segment attitudinal responses
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Deliver Insights Daily

  • On-demand platform access
  • Data updated every day
  • Intuitive answers to business questions
  • Custom shopper groups on-the-fly
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