There are three simple ways to present InfoScout's brand. The orange boxed logo is our primary branding, good for both dark and light backgrounds. The navy logo is only for use on light backgrounds. The white logo is only for use on dark backgrounds.


Refer to the following color palette for InfoScout's primary and accent colors. Orange is generally used for text headlines and teal is generally used for action-links.
InfoScout Orange

HEX: #FF7011
CMYK: 0 73 96 0
PantoneSC: 1585C

Munsell Teal

HEX: #00C1FC
CMYK: 64 4 0 0
PantoneSC: 915C

Cadet Navy

HEX: #25303b
CMYK: 82 69 54 54
PantoneSC: 433C

Dark Cool Blue

HEX: #415767
CMYK: 78 58 44 23
PantoneSC: 7545C

*CMYK values are based on HEX values

Do's and Don'ts

Take a moment to review InfoScout's typography and padding recommendations. We love seeing our name in lights, we just want to make sure it's spelled right :)