Start with the shopper

Over 1 million Americans use InfoScout's proprietary mobile apps as part of their every day shopping - no matter where they shop or what they buy.

Shopper plans their trip

InfoScout built one of the world's most used shopping list apps: Out of Milk. Nearly 1 million people rely on the app to plan and execute their shopping.

Shopper snaps a receipt picture

InfoScout captures receipt images with engaging mobile apps on the one device that's always with us, allowing us to collect 15x more shopping trips per day than legacy consumer panels.
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Item-level data is extracted

InfoScout itemizes receipts using optical character recognition, crowdsourcing, and machine learning. The resulting data is then mapped to our proprietary retail product taxonomy.

Shoppers answer triggered surveys

Receipt data immediately triggers in-the-moment surveys to targeted shoppers to better understand the "why behind the buy".
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Shoppers are fully profiled

InfoScout enhances its understanding of these shoppers with demographics, psychographics, Facebook likes & interests and geo-location tracking.
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Data transformed into insights

Anyone can throw a spreadsheet with "data" at you. InfoScout provides real-time, actionable shopper and consumer insights for brands and retailers through awesome dashboards & analytic reports.
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